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Sexual Dysfunction



One of the more common issues in my clinic, and discouraging physical and mental problems that a person can have is Sexual Dysfunction (erectile dysfunction or vaginismus) . This problems has a solution.

We can find Sexual Dysfunction in men and women. This is a problem that causes anxiety, low self steam, insecurity, unbalance in the person’s life. A balanced sexual life is important , no matter if you have a couple or you are single. When a person has this problem, tries to avoid any kind of sexual relationship due to his \ her insecurities , fears and anticipation anxiety.



When a woman is having this problem, she is not able to practice sex or could have sex but with full of pain. This could happened due to many aspects : a bad sexual experience in the past, insecurities, fears, or just her emotional program from her past which subconsciously is in alert.



There are two kinds of sexual dysfunction :

1 –  Premature Ejaculation: not able to maintain the erection and to ejaculate too soon.

2 – Having problems with a good erection: Not be able to achieve an erection while still feeling sexual desire

Both of the sexual dysfunction , are psychological frustrating causing insecurities , low self steam, frustration , dissatisfaction, fears etc. As well as,  can strain a relationship with even the most understanding partner.

All of this has a solution . First thing to do is to go to the Urologist and after some tests in ( hardening of the arteries, blood pressure and levels of cholesterol, diabetes etc) if organically is everything fine, then, next step will be to go to a mental health professional (Psychologist) specialist in Sexual Dysfunction . One of the best and efficient techniques is Clinical hypnosis. This is a tool that helps in therapy to find the root of the problem and to get the solution. Many people with Ejaculation Dysfunction where healed with very positive results in our clinic, using hypnosis to help to get and maintain a good erection.



The emotional brain works different that the rational brain. When a man is struggling to get and maintain a good erection, rational speaking he could say to himself : «Everything is going to be right this time» although the thought is negative. His emotional hemisphere is in Alert. Something similar happens with the Anxiety .

When our emotional brain is in alert , we react like a deer in front of a lion. All our nervous system prepares our body for running away, stay still or fight in order to survive. Does not matter what we can tell ourselves at that moment, that our body will react protecting itself in order not to be «eating» by the lion. If your emotional brain is in alert, is not possible to maintain a good erection or to ejaculate easy , taking your time. Think, if you would have a lion in front of you when you are trying to make love Could you be easy speaking about sex?


An emotional program with a sexologist or psychologist (specialist in sexual dysfunction) will help you to finish with this problem, giving your emotional brain the safety and security that it needs to be in balance, well-being and to have a great and satisfaction sex.


Remember that you are the most important in your life. When you work in yourself, you empower yourself, living in an harmony and peaceful state.

Carolina Diez Jorge MD