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Properly managing your emotions, with healthy habits in a balanced environment, can change genetic information, and can even prevent a latent disease from awakening and thus remain healthy. Therefore, we highlight the The power of emotions in epigenetics.


Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression that do not involve changes in DNA sequence. In other words, epigenetics focuses on how the environment and experiences can influence the way genes are turned on or off, thus affecting cellular function and the development of organisms.

A common factor between epigenetics, emotions and the environment is their dynamic interaction. The environment and emotions can influence the activity of certain genes through epigenetic processes, such as occurs in DNA methylation (Chemical modification of DNA and other molecules, when cells divide to generate more cells, which can alter gene expression. ).

Furthermore, gene expression influenced by the environment can have profound effects on our emotions, mental health, and physical well-being. On the other hand, emotions can have profound effects on gene expression. This bidirectional relationship between epigenetics, emotions and the environment highlights the importance of taking care of our emotional health and environment to promote optimal balance in gene expression and our general health. Take care of your emotions to generate a positive impact on epigenetics, you have The power of emotions in epigenetics



It is possible to influence epigenetics through our attitude and deep emotional work with the help of a psychologist who is an expert in epigenetics. Epigenetics shows us that our experiences and environment can affect the way our genes are expressed without changing the DNA sequence. This means that through changes in our lifestyle, attitude and management of our emotions, we can influence the activation or deactivation of certain genes.

We realize how important it is to take care of our emotions and attitudes on a daily basis, in order to paralyze a possible latent illness. We have the ability to heal our body, healing our mind and the energy in which we transmit.

A psychologist specializing in epigenetics can help to identify patterns of thought, behavior, and emotions that may be negatively affecting gene expression. Thus, through deep therapeutic work aimed at resolving emotional conflicts, positive changes in gene expression and general health can be promoted.

The process of changing epigenetics through emotional labor can be complex and require investment and commitment, but it has been proven to be worth it. By addressing the emotional roots of health and wellbeing issues, we can promote positive changes in gene expression that can have long-term beneficial effects on our physical and mental health.

Deep Level Emotional Transformation: Clinical Hypnosis and Meditation

In the search for comprehensive well-being, it is essential to understand the close relationship between our emotions, our mind and our body. Modern psychology has shown us how our emotional experiences can leave a deep mark on our biology, even at the epigenetic level. Thus, the application of clinical hypnosis and meditation in emotional work helps us facilitate profound changes in the mind and body.

Morning Meditation. Dr Carolina Diez – Psychologist & Mindset Coach

Clinical Hypnosis as a Transformation Tool

Clinical hypnosis is a therapeutic approach that allows access to the subconscious in a controlled and focused manner. Through hypnosis, we can explore and reprogram very deep patterns of thinking and behavior that may be contributing to emotional and health problems.

Recent studies suggest that hypnosis can not only help relieve emotional symptoms such as stress and anxiety, but can also influence gene expression at the epigenetic level, promoting positive changes in our biology.

Meditation: Cultivating Calm and Awareness. The power of emotions in epigenetics

On the other hand, meditation has been practiced for centuries as a way to cultivate calm, mental clarity, compassion, and grounding. Scientific research has demonstrated the beneficial effects of meditation in reducing stress, improving emotional well-being, and promoting physical health. In addition, recent studies suggest that meditation may have epigenetic effects, influencing gene expression and promoting changes that promote health and emotional balance.

The Power of Deep Emotional Transformation

By combining clinical hypnosis and meditation, we can access deep levels of the mind and body, facilitating significant emotional transformation. By working on the subconscious mind and cultivating mindfulness, we can influence our biology at an epigenetic level, promoting changes that lead us toward greater emotional health and overall well-being.


In a world where stress and imbalanced emotions are so common, investing in our emotional health through practices like hypnosis and meditation becomes increasingly important to living a full and satisfying life.

Mujer sonriendo Dr. Carolina Diez Jorge - International Psychologist & Mindset coach
Dr. Carolina Díez Jorge – International Psychologist & Mindset coach

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